Awards – TvProp Festival 2018

Tomorrows leader – Identification of an employee aged 35 and under who has been involved in making the team or company a success. Submissions need to show a clear connection between the success of the team and the individual nominated. Some evidence of being involved in a successful new initiative or project would be helpful.

TV Best Networker – Vote on who you believe are the best networkers operating across the Thames Valley and who has shown the ability to join the dots, generating business development opportunities for their companies and creating long term relations of value.
Sponsored by: TBC – Available to sponsor

TvProp Leader Board (The Blue-Ribbon Event) – Vote on who you believe are the top property leaders across the Thames Valley as measured by the level of influence they have, activity in the market place and ability to provide leadership of his business over the past 12 months. Who will get onto the TvProp Leader Board?

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